Board Members

Executive Director & BoD Secretary

Ellene Sana is a human rights cum solidarity activist for many years and is now full time in migrants rights advocacy. As a solidarity activist, she was active in the movement for independence and democracy in East Timor and Burma and in the anti-apartheid movement in South Africa. As migrants rights activist and executive director of CMA, she serves as resource person, trainor and facilitator in many forums on migration issues, both in country and overseas. She is a civil engineer by profession and has been building bridges of solidarity across nations and peoples.            

Concepcion Garcia-Ramilo is senior manager and consultant who specialized on gender policy and the use of information and communications technology (ICT);  She has excellent organizational and management skills developed over 20 years leading and managing multi-country and multi-disciplinary action-research teams and online networks; a leading authority on gender evaluation and the use of ICT for gender equality; has excellent English writing and communication skills. She is currently manager of the women’s program of the Association for Progressive Communications. 

Rene (Direk) R. Raya
 is an information management specialist with special competencies in survey and quantitative analysis, data management, poverty and social indicators monitoring. Mr. Raya has a university degree in statistics with long years of experience and international exposure in social research, policy analysis and advocacy. He served as consultant on various projects implemented by INGOs (Social Watch International, Asia and South Pacific Association for Basic and Adult Education/ ASPBAE), development partners and UN agencies (UNICEF, WHO). He served as project coordinator of several EU assisted projects in the areas of MDG monitoring, education and literacy, and budget advocacy (Action for Economic Reforms, ASPBAE, Social Watch Philippines). Currently, Direk is board member and social policy coordinator of AER; co-convenor of Social Watch Philippines and Consultatnt on Education Policy Development of ASPBAE. 

Treasurer and board member:
Dr. Renato Mabunga,Phd served as National Secretary General of the Promotion of Church Peoples Rights (ECPR) from 1991-1996. He was Deputy Secretary General of the Philippine Alliance of Human Rights Advocates (PAHRA) from 1998-2002 and eventually  Secretary General. He also worked with Partnership for Agrarian Reform and Rural Development Services Inc. (PARRDS) in 2003. He is currently the chairperson of Human Rights Defenders Pilipinas. He has a Phd on Organizational Development. 

Board Members:
Sixto (Jun) Carlos, Jr.  is Co-founder of Samahang Demokratiko ng Kabataan-SDK (League of Democratic Youth), imprisoned by the the Marcos dictatorship in 1979 to 1983, current member of Akbayan! Citizens Action Party. Jun lived in the Netherlands for almost a decade in the 1980s. He is currently a board member of ESUL, a Swedish foundation involved in development projects in the Philippines. He is a founding member of PATH (Peace Advocates for Truth, Justice and Healing).

Jun is active in promoting and soliciting support for TEATRO Balagtas ng Pandacan, a community-based theater group for the youth of Pandacan, Manila, where Jun comes from.    

Rene Nachura is a consultant to many non-government organizations (NGOs) and peoples’ organizations in the area of organizational development and training. He is now concurrent chairperson of the Initiatives for Participatory Governance, Samar (IPGS) and the Philippine Network of Rural Development Institutes (Philnet-RDI). Rene was based in the United States in the 1980s, where he served as chair of the Philippine Center for Immigrant Rights (PhilCIR) and as consultant for the Church Coalition for Human Rights in the Philippine (CCHRP).

Malu Padilla works in the Capacity Building, Social Performance and Finance Analysis Department of Oikocredit International; She is also Programme Coordinator at Transcode Programme (Transnational Synergy for Cooperation and Development). In the past, she was active (and still volunteers) in the Amsterdam—based Commission for Filipino Migrant Workers. 

Areas of Expertise: Management, migration and development, gender, women and human rights

Orlando Quesada Served in various capacities in strengthening the trade union movement in the Philippines; Served as Chief of Staff of Akbayan! Representative Mario Aguja in the House of Representatives; was executive director of Labor Education and Research Network (LEARN). He also served as Executive Committee member and coordinator for Asia and Pacific Region, International Federation of Workers’ Education Associations (IFWEA) and Project Coordinator, Global Network-Asia. He is currently the regional coordinator for South-East Asia and China for Trade Union Solidarity Centre Finland. (2004-present) 

Volunteer Legal Counsel:

Atty. Henry S. Rojas

He is Attorney-at-Law and Policy Research and Development Specialist whoese areas of expertise include: Overseas Migration Issues, Overseas Absentee Voting, Human Rights and Migrant Rights, Issues on Judicial and Social Reforms and General Practice of Law (litigation, corporate law, civil law, labor law, etc.).