Policy and Public Advocacy 2012

Senator Koko Pimentel’s Sponsorship Speech OAV

November 5, 2012

Senator Koko Pimentel delivered his sponsorship speech for Senate Bill No. 3312 under Committee Report No. 446, titled, “An Act Amending Republic Act No. 9189 Otherwise Known as The Overseas Absentee Voting Act of 2003.”

Senator Pimentel reminded of the importance of new technologies for Overseas Voting:

“And as more Filipinos skip and “Skype” their way around the world, technological adaptibility has become an integral factor for good governance, whether on a parochial or global scale.”

Senator Pimentel’s words were moving to all present at the senate. He emphasized that overseas Filipino workers are an important part of the Filipino nation and culture:

” we have a culture among us – once a Filipino, always a fond eater of adobo. Our strong family ties extend beyond borders and with it comes the patriotism that springs from perpetually grateful and longing hearts.”

He clarified that a priority of Senate Bill 3312 is to enable

” the exercise of the right to vote, for Filipinos who have reacquired and/or retained their Philippine Citizenship pursuant to Republic Act 9225″.

For a full copy of Senator Pimentel’s speech, see: sen koko’s Sponsorship Speech OAV