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Pinoy Care in Japan 

Initiated by Center for Migrant Advocacy-Philippines, Pinoy Care in Japan, a on-line based campaign to protect/promote the rights of Filipino Healthcare migrants to Japan, was launched in February 2008 in partnership with various groups which are concerned about the adverse implications of Japan-Philippines Economic Partnership Agreement (JPEPA) for the Filipino healthcare professionals and the two societies at large.


To prevent any form of discrimination and human rights violations against the Filipino healthcare professionals at every stage of migration to Japan.


Pinoy Care in Japan aims to:

* provide balanced and necessary information for the Filipino healthcare professionals who are interested in working in Japan;
* equip Japanese employers with knowledge to protect and promote the rights of the Filipino professionals;
* establish an on-line forum where people in the two countries can exchange opinions,reactions and experiences;
* establish an on-line SOS system to which the Filipino professionals can file complaints;and
* raise awareness among Japanese and Filipino citizens in order to further the understanding of not only JPEPA but also each others’ culture, customs and people.