About Us

The Center for Migrant Advocacy – Philippines (CMA-Phils) is an advocacy group that promotes the rights of overseas Filipinos land or sea based migrant workers and Filipino immigrants and their families. The Center works to help improve the economic, social and political conditions of migrant Filipino families everywhere through policy advocacy, information dissemination, networking, capability-building, and direct assistance. Also as a resource center CMA gathers information, conducts studies and analyzes urgent issues on overseas migration and disseminates this to its partners, networks and constituents.

Our Vision

Our Vision is of a society where justice, good governance, equal opportunity and gender equality prevails. Where migrants enjoy equal rights and protection regardless of nationality, ethnicity, religion, gender, occupation and residency status.

Our Mission

Uphold the rights of all Filipino migrants and their families while helping to improve their economic, social and political conditions through policy advocacy, information, networking and partnership, capability-building and direct assistance to distressed migrants.

Our Services

CMA’s services are defined under four categories. Please click on one of the services to access more information about them:

1.  Policy and Public Advocacy. Our main program aims to initiate and pursue key policy reforms to guarantee the rights of overseas Filipinos by strengthening protection measures, uplifting general welfare, delivering prompt assistance and facilitating effective reintegration. The program also aims to raise awareness and generate social support for issues related to overseas migration. To this end, CMA will pursue lobby initiatives, network with relevant agencies and international bodies, cooperate with other organizations in pushing its reform agenda and launch/participate in mobilizations and campaigns.

2.  Direct Assistance. CMA provides immediate help to migrant workers and their families, especially those who are distressed, most vulnerable and need immediate help. This program documents cases and facilitates welfare, legal, representation, and livelihood assistance to victims of abuse, armed conflict and health hazards. CMA works with government agencies, private institutions and other NGOs in pursuing this program.

3.  Research and Information. CMA conducts research to support its policy advocacy initiatives and public information activities. CMA issues timely positions on key issues affecting overseas Filipinos and their family members. This program also aims to support the information needs of its overseas partners and Filipino communities abroad. CMA functions as the organization’s virtual resource center. CMA also organizes public forums and provides resource speakers to ventilate issues related to overseas migration.

4.  Networking and Partnership. CMA works with other organizations on certain programs and actions. It regularly interacts with and supports the activities of Filipino groups and migrant advocates abroad. CMA currently maintains close links with over 50 Filipino, migrant advocates, and solidarity organizations in the major global regions.

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