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Stories of Struggles and Sacrifice

From the first few moments of arriving in the Philippines and stepping out into the dense humid heat of the monsoon, I realised that this experience would see me meet many different and unknown challenges. In many ways these challenges would not be entirely dissimilar to those I had faced in the past, applying myself to a project, working out its obstacles and cooperating in a team are all experiences I had delved into in the past.

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How the pandemic is revealing the ways we are failing our OFWs

Pre-COVID, it was simple enough: you went to the consulate, took a ticket, waited, and then someone helped you. But now the consulate is encouraging everyone to use their online services, and replies are slow. Awheng knows OFWs who have tried and tried to get help this way, and have eventually given up in favour of praying for a miracle.

Our Voice on Migrant Issues

“CMA helped rescue a woman from Mindanao trafficked to Ivory Coast to work in a bar when she was recruited to work as a cashier. She did not want to work in the bar and so she was locked up and was not given any food except what little food the other girls could manage to smuggle to her.”…See More


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