CMA Advocate Program

Tailored Online Volunteering Programs

CMA is an advocacy network of people who want to create safer living and working environments for OFWs. To learn more about our mission, read a brief description of our organization here.

To become a CMA Advocate means joining an online community which believes in creating a world where OFWs and their families can have their human and working rights safeguarded, regardless of nationality, ethnicity, religion, gender, occupation or residency status.

Benefits of the CMA Advocate Program:

  • Access to bespoke online volunteer opportunities and community projects centered around migrant workers’ rights
  • Join an (offline and online) community working to ensure that migrant workers’ rights are respected on both a local and global scale.
  • Utilise your skillset to help craft our annual social media campaigns, engage in online activism and tailored projects as a member of the CMA Advocate Program.
  • Get your hard work and input into CMA acknowledged and published on relevant CMA social media platforms, including our website.

CMA Advocate Program Requirements:

  • Understand, respect, and agree to the values of CMA.
  • Minimum 17 years of age.
  • All genders, sexual orientations and nationalities welcome.
  • Education background is not a priority, but the applicant must demonstrate the ability to execute the chosen role.
  • Time availability and commitment are crucial.
  • Prior experience in the chosen field is necessary. You will be asked to upload proof of related work.

Prior to applying for any of these volunteer roles, it is important that you understand the CMA mission and the Advocate Program’s requirements. These roles are completely voluntary and offer you experience instead of financial compensation.

Roles will require 3-7 hours of your dedication per week. This is a long-term volunteering opportunity as we want you to develop a sense of loyalty and affinity towards CMA and our advocacy efforts. In accepting an online volunteering opportunity with us, you should be willing to consistently contribute to community growth by being open to learn, share, and engage in a respectful online space.

Current volunteering opportunities include:


The Social Media Curator will be in charge of producing content to enhance CMA’s visibility online. This will include curating content for our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts only, under the supervision of our Communications Editor. A Social Media Curator must be able to write concisely, communicate respectfully to diverse audiences, use appropriate language and have an eye for trends and opportunities in the NGO space. To apply, please fill out the respective application form and send it to


A Copywriter will have the responsibility of producing relevant articles and blog posts for the CMA website. All content will be advertised on CMA social media platforms, with the author recognised. Articles and blog posts must be tailored towards the target audiences with first-hand interviews where relevant. All content will be edited and reviewed by the Communications Editor. A Copywriter must be able to write concisely, communicate and interview respectfully, use appropriate language and have an eye for trends and opportunities in the NGO space. To apply, please fill out the respective application form and send it to


The Researcher will have the responsibility of fact-finding and researching issues regarding the current administration and their policies, migrant rights and relevant statistics relating to our mission and vision. This position will also include writing research reports concerning the above issues. The Researcher will be under the supervision and direction of the Head of Research and Communications Editor. Proof of work is required to show the candidate’s ability to write clearly and concisely, with proper language and an objective tone. To apply, please fill out the respective application form and send it to  

Curriculum/Module Developer

The Curriculum/Module Developer will have the responsibility of looking at the resource materials being developed by CMA. CMA currently develops modules for training/seminars involving migrants’ rights and case management. This position will require knowledge of module development and basic layout skills. They will be under the supervision of the Executive Director and the Program Manager.

If you have any questions or comments, head to Contact Us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.