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Migrants Rights Groups and Unions say No to Compulsory insurance, 2009

Filipino migrants and trade union groups oppose the proposed mandatory insurance coverage for land-based migrant workers with recruiters. The group asserted that at best, the insurance should only be voluntary as there already exist various mandatory insurance programs for OFWs.
This statement is an updated version of an earlier issuance from the same groups. It was submitted to the members of the bicameral conference committee on RA 8042 before their meeting on November 18, 2009.
Nov 19, 2009

No to Compulsory Insurance Scam 2009

Migrants and workers organizations have expressed their strong opposition to a proposed amendment to the Migrant Workers Act of 1995, or RA 8042, seeking to make it mandatory for recruitment agencies to insure the workers they send abroad.

“The compulsory insurance coverage in the proposed amendment looks good on paper, but in the guise of a benefit for our overseas Filipino workers (OFWs), it is actually an added burden to them,” said an alliance of migrant worker organizations and trade unions. “On closer inspection, the insurance actually protects, not our OFWs, but the recruitment agencies, absolving them of liability should anything happen to the worker abroad.”
Nov 16, 2009

OSG- Insurance for OFWs, OK as Voluntary not mandatory

In May 2004, the Office of the Solicitor General said that the proposal for compulsory insurance for OFWs need not be mandatory and may be done only on voluntary basis. It went on to say that a careful study of the proposal would show that it may not exactly be advantageous to the OFWs.
Oct 19, 2009

No to Proposed Compulsory Insurance for OFWs, Yes to OFW Protection!

Migrants rights groups and trade unions oppose the proposal for a compulsory insurance coverage for ofws. They proposed instead to improve the OWWA through a legislated charter as well as other programs and services of the government for ofw and their families.
Oct 12, 2009

List of Absentee Voters whos Record has been Removed

List of Overseas Absentee Voters
whose records have been removed
from the National Registry of Overseas Absentee Voters
as of Jan. 6, 2009

Source: Atty. Tamondong of the Comelec Committee on Overseas Absentee Voter

available at the Comelec website

In the Overseas Absentee Voting Law (Republic Act No. 9189) as per Sec. 9: The entries in the National Registry of Overseas Absentee Voters and the annotations as overseas absentee voters in the Certified Voters’ List can be cancelled or amended in any of the following cases:

9.1. When the overseas absentee voter files a letter under oath addressed to the Commission that he/she wishes to be removed from the Registry of Overseas Absentee Voters, or that his/her name be transferred to the regular registry of voters; or,

9.2. When an overseas absentee voter’s name was ordered removed by the Commission from the Registry of Overseas Absentee Voters for his/her failure to exercise his/her right to vote under this Act for two (2) consecutive national elections

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Jul 01, 2009   Philippines

Philhealth Service Office in Hong Kong

Finally Philhealth will open a servcie office in Hong Kong and will also cover Macau! We realize that this has been long time coming. We are launching this in Hong Kong at the Bayanihan Center on August 02 2009 at 2:00pm.

For this purpose, may we please solicit your assistance to have this announced in your various International partners and Filipino organizations in Hong Kong. If possible please announce also that we are inviting our OFWs to attend the launching at the Bayanihan Center on Auguts 2, 2009 and, more importantly, be aware that Philihealth is now in Hong Kong to be of service to them.

We are sending our Philhealth Officer, Ms. Paulina B. Taguinod once every quarter for a period of two weeks each time. She will be based at the Philippine Consulate. Her contact number is 0918-9635396 and email address at

Evangeline Cruzado, MNSA, CESO III
Senior Manager, Special Programs Department

Jul 01, 2009   Philippines

OAV Registration Poster

The Philippines will conduct its national elections in May 2010, voting for office candidates as high-ranking as president and vice-president of the country. This becomes the third occasion wherein Filipinos overseas may exercise their right of suffrage under Republic Act 9189 or the Overseas Absentee Voting (OAV) Law. When the OAV was first implemented in 2004, a sixty five percent vote turn out from the total overseas absentee voters registration was achieved. It became clear to stakeholders the limitations in implementing the law. These identified limitations and weaknesses surfaced visibly in the 2007 mid-term elections where the overseas absentee voting participation was only 16.2%.

For the upcoming elections, the registration period started last February 1, 2009 and will run 8 hours a day, 5 days a week until August 31, 2009 in all 91 Philippine foreign service posts around the globe. In the Philippines, the Commission on Elections (COMELEC) Committee on Overseas Absentee Voting (COAV), together with the Department of Foreign Affairs Overseas Absentee Voting Secretariat (DFA OAVS) have established OAV registration desks at the Terminal 1 of the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) and at the Philippine Overseas Employment Agency (POEA) for Filipinos leaving for abroad, both returning and new hired OFWs.

The purpose of the OAV is to ensure participation of overseas Filipinos in political and electoral exercises in the Philippines. It is an important mechanism for overseas Filipinos to make their voices heard, wherever they maybe. How will they perform in 2010? Will it be with the same vigor and energy as in 2004 or the almost uneventful 2007?

As migrants rights advocates, we do not wait and imagine how it will be. It is imperative that this early, while there is still time, we exert efforts to inspire once more our Overseas Kababayans to register, participate and exercise their right to vote in the 2010 elections.

Statement of the Philippine Migrant Rights Groups to the UN Migrant Workers Committee on its 10th Session

Apr 21, 2009

PMRW Statement on Administrative Orders 247 and 248

PMRW expresses grave concern on the issuance of AO 247 and 248 as these, AO 247 in particular runs counter to government’s stated policy that it does not promote labor export. [go to the AO text]
Jan 22, 2009

CMA Statement to the NGO Meeting of the UN Committee on the Migrant Workers Convention

CMA’s statement to the NGO Meeting of the UN Committee on the Migrant Workers Convention. It was delivered by Atty. Cecilia Jimenez of the Geneva Forum for Philippine Concerns.
Jan 12, 2009