Partners in the Philippines

Please consult this page for a listing of our partners in the Philippines:

  1. Philippine Migrants Rights Watch (PMRW)
  2. Institute for Political and Electoral Reforms (IPER)
  3. Consortium for Electoral Reforms (CER) and its member organizations
  4. Kasapi Congress-Jeddah Phil. Representative Office
  5. United Filipino Seafarers (UFS)
  6. MARINO, Association of Blacklisted Filipinos Seafarers
  7. Merchant Marine Organization (MMOA)
  8. Freedom from Debt Coalition (FDC)
  9. Coalition Against Trafficking in Women, Asia Pacific (CATW-AP)
  10. Action for Economic Reforms (AER)
  11. Kanlungan Center Foundation
  12. Akbayan! Citizens’ Action Party
  13. Unlad Kabayan Migrant Services Center
  14. Institute for Popular Democracy (IPD)
  15. Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA) Philippines
  16. Labor Education and Research Network (LEARN)
  17. Alliance of Progressive Labor (APL)
  18. Migrants’ Program, Institute on Church and Social Issues (ICSI)
  19. Seamen’s Wives of the Philippines (SWAPI)
  20. People’s Global Exchange (PGX)
  21. Labor Rights and Democracy, Inc (LARIDE)
  22. Womens’ Hub Philippines
  23. Sarilaya
  24. People’s MEND