OWWA Livelihood Development Program for OFWs

Description: The program is a joint undertaking of OWWA and the National Livelihood Support Fund (NLSF). It provides entrepreneurial development services and credit facilities to OFWs, their families and organizations. The enterprises under this program are categorized under

  • Trading (Ex. Gen. Merchandise, buy and sell, etc)
  • Services (Ex. Repair shop, restaurant, etc)
  • Manufacturing (Ex. Meat/fruit processing etc)
  • Agri-business (Ex. Tilapia culture, piggery/poultry etc)

Who is eligible: OWWA (former) member OFWs or immediate family member

Loan amount:  

For individual borrowers with 100% collateral a maximum of Php 200,000.-

For group borrowers a maximum of Php 1.000,000.-

For individuals without collateral: up to Php50,000

Interest rate: 9% annually

Where to apply: OWWA Regional Offices

Eligibility requirements:

  • OWWA (former) member and immediately family member
  • Endorsement letter of OWWA
  • Collateral requirement of 100%
  • Equity (machinery, building, project materials etc) requirement of 15% of total project costs.
  • Documents including: OWWA membership/ Business plan/ Business permit/ Ownership titles/ financial statements/ Collateral papers/ proof of relationship to OFW (for dependnts)
  • Debt to equity ratio of 84:15
  • Business plan or project feasibility study

For more information on this program please visit: