Our Voice on Migrant Issues

“CMA helped rescue a woman from Mindanao trafficked to Ivory Coast to work in a bar when she was recruited to work as a cashier. She did not want to work in the bar and so she was locked up and was not given any food except what little food the other girls could manage to smuggle to her.”…See More

The Life of an OFW in UAE

Written by Marianne Gonzalez for the #KwentongKababayan Campaign I remember the brick home our grandparents lived, the boarding-house where I met university students who used to take care of me when my mum and dad was working. I remember playing patintero with the neighbour’s kids and always loosing. I remember all the barangay festivities everyContinue reading “The Life of an OFW in UAE”

CMA publishes study on Bilateral Labor Agreements

The Center for Migrant Advocacy (CMA) is pleased to share with everyone the results of its study on the Bilateral Labor Agreements between the Philippines and Jordan, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and Lebanon. The study is part of a three-year project, Strengthening Capacities of Migrant Domestic Workers and their Families. This project is supported byContinue reading “CMA publishes study on Bilateral Labor Agreements”