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Year after year, millions of Filipinos overseas are making difficult sacrifices to support their families in the Philippines. Their contributions to the country is not only reflected in economic development but in all sectors of the Philippine society. While many of them spent years, or even decades, apart from their families, they are vulnerable to exploitation and abuse in unknown foreign countries. Help us protect the human rights of our overseas countrymen and promote their welfare as they so deeply deserve.

The Center for Migrant Advocacy has made meaningful changes to the lives of overseas Filipinos and their families through policy advocacy and research, facilitating assistance to distressed migrants, community education and information work and networking .

You can help CMA protect and promote the rights of our migrants and their families  through various  ways. The contribution of one person, however small it may be, can change the lives of many. A large network of dedicated volunteers have already achieved changes all over the globe. If you are passionate about migrant rights you can help CMA by volunteering, assisting in advocacy and research or donating please contact us.

  • Advocacy

Help us protect and promote migrant rights by sensitizing the public and communities on migration issues or by speaking and writing about migrants’ rights and approaching policy makers to effect adoption of policies that respect and recognize migrants rights. You also can tap and write to a local or national newsletter to express your concern. CMA will be happy to provide  assistance and advice on how to write letters. CMA is also continuously involved in a variety of issues that requires thorough research. If you are interested in conducting research please contact us.

  • Report abuse and exploitation

If you know of a family member, friend or an OFW  who is in need of direct assistance, aid, crisis response or any other kind of support please report it to CMA. Our program to facilitates assistance and provides support to migrants in distress

  • Volunteer with us

CMA is always looking for qualified volunteers that can help with the day to day operations of the organization. The tasks ranges from conducting research to online advocacy, research administration and extensive policy work. CMA offers great opportunities to broaden your experience or as a part of your studies. CMA can help with research components of yours studies such as, thesis’ dissertations and PhD research.

  • Intern with us

Previous interns have worked from periods of 3 months to a year. For specific internship opportunities or if you are  an organization that is interested in placing volunteers or interns with a host organization for at least 3 months please contact us.


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