How the pandemic is revealing the ways we are failing our OFWs

Pre-COVID, it was simple enough: you went to the consulate, took a ticket, waited, and then someone helped you. But now the consulate is encouraging everyone to use their online services, and replies are slow. Awheng knows OFWs who have tried and tried to get help this way, and have eventually given up in favour of praying for a miracle.


The Life of an OFW in UAE

Written by Marianne Gonzalez for the #KwentongKababayan Campaign I remember the brick home our grandparents lived, the boarding-house where I met university students who used to take care of me when my mum and dad was working. I remember playing patintero with the neighbour’s kids and always loosing. I remember all the barangay festivities everyContinue reading “The Life of an OFW in UAE”