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For the Second Periodic Report of the Philippines on the
Implementation of the International Convention on the Rights
of All Migrant Workers and Members of their Families
UN Committee on Migrant Workers 20th Session

31 March-11 April 2014


CMA – Philippine Migration and Au Pair Programs in Europe 2014

March 19, 2014

This policy note discusses Philippine migration to Europe through au pair programs. Reports of abuse and exploitation in different European countries highlight the vulnerabilities risks faced by pairs. The programs are intended as a cultural exchange. Rather, due to the unregulated nature of the program it has been used as a tool to attract cheap labor instead of a cultural exchange. This policy brief examines international, regional and national policies governing au pair placements. Based upon its findings CMA sets forth recommendations for the Philippine government and the European governments

Senator Koko Pimentel’s Sponsorship Speech OAV

November 5, 2012

Senator Koko Pimentel delivered his sponsorship speech for Senate Bill No. 3312 under Committee Report No. 446, titled, “An Act Amending Republic Act No. 9189 Otherwise Known as The Overseas Absentee Voting Act of 2003.”

Senator Pimentel’s speech reminded of the importance of new technologies to empower OFWs to vote:

“And as more Filipinos skip and “Skype” their way around the world, technological adaptibility has become an integral factor for good governance, whether on a parochial or global scale.”

Senator Pimentel’s words were moving to all present at the senate. He emphasized that overseas Filipino workers are an important part of the Filipino nation and culture:

” we have a culture among us – once a Filipino, always a fond eater of adobo. Our strong family ties extend beyond borders and with it comes the patriotism that springs from perpetually grateful and longing hearts.”

He clarified that a priority of Senate Bill 3312, is to enable

“ the exercise of the right to vote, for Filipinos who have reacquired and/or retained their Philippine Citizenship pursuant to Republic Act 9225″.

For a full copy of Senator Pimentel’s speech, see: sen koko’s Sponsorship Speech OAV

House Bill 3201

HB 3201 seeks to amend the 2003 Overseas Absentee Voting Act to effect improvement in the implementation of the law and to make it more effective and enfranchising to as many overseas Filipinos as possible.
Nov 25, 2010   Philippines

CMA Statement to the COWA Hearing, September 15, 2010

Sep 22, 2010

Omnibus Rules & Regulations Implementing the Migrant Workers and Overseas Filipinos Act of 1995 as Amended by RA10022

The omnibus implementing rules and regulations for Republic Act 10022 –the law amending RA8042 otherwise known as the Migrant Workers and Overseas Filipinos Act of 1995 took effect last August 13, 2010. Please note that the rules and regulations on the compulsory insurance provisions (underwirting, premium costs, uniform standard policy, etc) coverage will be issued 30 days after August 13, 2010.
Sep 02, 2010

RA 10022 Amendatory Law on Magna Carta for Migrant Workers and Overseas Filipinos

Republic Act 10022 (RA10022) lapsed into law on March 8, 2010. It amended RA8042 otherwise known as the Magna Carta for Migrant Workers and Overseas Filipinos. This is the second amendatory law. The first amendatory law, RA9422, in 2007, repealed RA 8042 sections 29 and 30 on deregulation. The new law added a provision on mandatory insurance for migrants deployed by recruitment and/or manning agencies.
Apr 15, 2010

OAV 2010 Statistics and Mode of Voting Per Post

OAV 2010 will be a combination of postal and personal voting with pilot automation in Hongkong and Singapore.
Feb 04, 2010

General Instructions (GI) for 2010 OAV Voting and Counting

Comelec promulgated on January 27, 2010 Resolution 8750 on the General Instructions for 2010 OAV Voting and Counting to guide all parties concerned
Feb 01, 2010

General Instructions (GI) for 2010 OAV Manual Canvassing of Votes

Comelec promulgated resolution 8751 on the general instructions for 2010 OAV manual canvassing of votes.
Feb 01, 2010

Concluding Observations on the Philippine Government’s Compliance with the UN Convention on Migrant Workers

Last April 2009, the UN Committee on Migrant Workers examined the Philippines’ compliance with the UN Convention on the Rights of All Migrant Workers and Members of Their Families. At the end of the session, the Committee issued a 12-page Concluding Observations which include recommendations on how the Philippines can do better in addressing the human rights of Filipino migrant workers and migrant workers in the Philippines.
Oct 13, 2009

The Overseas Absentee Voting Act of 2003

The 12th Philippine Congress enacted Republic Act 9189 otherwise known as the Overseas Absentee Voting Act of 2003 giving back the right of suffrage to Filipinos overseas to participate and vote in Philippine elections. It took Congress 16 years to fulfill the provision of the 1987 Philippine Constitution to enact a system for overseas absentee voting.
Mar 31, 2009

Administrative Order 248

In response to retrenchment of OFWs because of the global crisis, the President orders the creation of a Filipino Expatriate Livelihood Support Fund, with DOLE and OWWA as lead agency.
Jan 22, 2009

Administrative Order 247

In light of the current global economic crisis, the Office of the President orders the POEA to refocus its functions from regulation to full blast market development efforts for jobs abroad for OFWs.
Jan 22, 2009

Preparing for the Treaty Reporting Process of the Convention on the Protection of the Rights of All Migrant Workers and Members of Their Families

This is a resource material for NGOs in preparing for the Treaty Reporting Process of the UN Migrant Workers’ COnvention. It compiles relevant documents and materials including the report of the Philippines in regard to its compliance with the provisions of the Convention.
Jan 12, 2009

GFMD 2008 CSO Days Key Recommendations & Conclusions

This document is the official submission to the intergovernmental forum of the GFMD 2008 from the 2-day Civil Society Days discussions. It identifies key migration issues as well as the major recommendations and conclusions. This document was formally handed over by Sharan Burrow, Chair of GFMD CSO Days to Usec Esteban Conejos, Jr., chair of GFMD 2008 on October 29, 2008.
Nov 04, 2008

Senate Bill 2054

An Act Establishing a Credit Assistance program for Overseas Workers. Filed in the 14th Congress of the Philippines
Aug 14, 2008

House Substitute Bill to Amend RA8042

This is the substitute bill to amend RA 8042 consolidating House Bills No. 628, 699, 700 and 769 introduced by Representatives Manuel “Way Kurat” E. Zamora, Rex T. Gatchalian, Arthur Y. Pingoy Jr., Judy J. Syjuco and Edcel C. Lagman
Aug 14, 2008

Senate Bill 2231

An Act Providing an Assistance Program for Overseas Filipino Workers in Distress, both Documented and undocumented,providing Funds Therefor and for other purposes
Aug 14, 2008

Senate Bill 2333 Amends OAV Law

SB 2333 seeks to amend RA9189 (OAV Law). An important proposal is the repeal of the disqualification provision for Filipino immigrants and permanent residents. Senate President Manny Villar and Minority leader Nene Pimentel, Jr. filed the bill on May 27, 2008.
May 29, 2008

HB 699, 700, 701 by Cong Rex Gatchalian 14th Congress

HB 699, 700 and 701 are amendatory bills to RA 8042. These are authored by Valenzuela Representative Rexlon T. Gatchalian.
Feb 20, 2008

HB 1357 on OWWA Charter

House Bill 1357 authored by Rep. Roseller Barrinaga was filed in the 13th Congress of the Philippines. It provides for an OWWA charter that shall govern the operation and administration of the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA). Currently, in the 14th Congress, no proposed bill on OWWA has been filed. CMA recommends to study the merits of the proposed Charter for the purpose of drafting a bill on OWWA.
Jan 07, 2008

House Bill 3209 to amend the Overseas Absentee Voting Law

House Bill 3209 authored by congress representatives Risa Hontiveros-Baraquel of Akbayan Pary-list, Ma. Isabel Climaco, Zamboanga 1st District, Rufus Rodriguez, Cagayan De Oro, 1st District and Rexlon Gatchalian, Valenzuela, 1st District, seeks to amend RA9189 or the overseas absentee voting law. The proposed amendments include the repeal of the requirement for Filipino immigrants and permanent residents to sign an affidavit of intent to return and establish physical permanent actual residence in the Philippines….
Dec 07, 2007